10 People I can do without

Just a quick list of people that I can do without in my life. A very negative post I know, but I also know that everyone out there will have the same kinds of thoughts, plus I need to vent!

1. People who don’t seem to be aware that there are other people getting on a plane. They stand in the aisles farting around with their bags, talking, scratching and generally being pretty oblivious to the fact that there is a line of 100 people standing behind them waiting to get on board.

2. People who wear their phones on their belts. This seems to be a very American thing, which is not surprising since it’s more about saying “look at me! I have a Cell Phone! Aren’t I special?” (and yes they are! Short bus special). You don’t get Europeans showing off their phones. They are more embarrassed if people see them. Leave it to the Yanks to turn an embarrassment into a plus!
People with 2 phones on their belts really do need to just go get a job as a cop and be done with it.

3. Guys with tufty beards. Shave or don’t shave. The tufts scream “I am trying to be different!” and you aren’t. You just look like you missed a spot.

4. Ann Coulter. Nuff said.

5. People who use insincere flattery in an attempt to motivate you. “Well Jake, What a great engineer you are! I was just saying to the other guys, you are THE man for the job. If anyone is going to get it done, you are!”. Have a coke and a smile and STFU please.

6. People who laugh after everything they say – that little nervous tinkle that occurs after every statement. It makes taking them seriously very very hard since evidently they don’t take themselves seriously.

7. Parents who cannot believe their child would EVER do anything wrong. Anything bad that happens? Can’t have been THEIR kid who instigated / was involved in it. Obviously there has been some mistake. Some parents really shouldn’t be parents at all.

8. People who justify everything they do with “My gut says…”. My guts say I need to go to the bathroom. Beyond that, they don’t have much to say on the subject at hand that I want to listen to. “Blink” is not a book to base your career on, it’s a book with a controversial subject that attempts to sell itself. As a decision methodology it’s just the stupidest thing imaginable.

9. Journalists who give a three question interview, with questions that have bloody obvious answers (E.g. “Did you enjoy making this movie?” What do you seriously expect them to answer?? “No, I hated every moment of it”??) and then print that with a full screen picture of the celebrity and consider that a days work. It’s not a days work, it’s filler. And you are being extremely lazy.

10. People who can never admit they are wrong. There are people out there who will continue to argue a point even when everyone can see they are wrong, but they just won’t back down because their self image won’t allow them to ever be wrong. These people suck.

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