A fun exercise.

Here’s a fun little exercise that I call Distillation.

Can you distill the essential wisdom about any given thing / situation / person down into one sentence? Preferably using a common phrase?

For example

Working with other developers – Respect the fact that there is more than one way to skin a cat.

or how about

Dale Carnieges “How to win friends and influence people” – Learn to listen and preemptively find out about that which your intended target is into so you can ask leading questions.

I was playing this with myself last night, just looking for the lowest level of distillation I could get to on this kind of stuff. Some are kinda “Duh” results – yes, obvious, yet how many people ignore the obvious?

Some more examples.

Friends – Treat them as you want to be treated, but understand everyone is also different.

Making Games – Iteration is key and tools that make that go faster are king.

Writing – it’s more important to get words down then revise them than it is to make them perfect first time.


You get the idea. Can you come up with examples of your own?

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