A new son – attempt number #2

So, I mentioned briefly we had received another referral. We got another boy, which was quite surprising but gratifying. We had to wait on the medical translation due to the Chinese New Year and them all off having a good time, with no thought to us parents to be who are sitting here agonizing about how invested we should get with the pictures we’ve been sent – swine – and finally it arrived.

And it was good. No brain hemorrhaging this time thank you – we got what looks like a normal healthy baby boy, if with some rather interesting hair.

I waited until we signed on the dotted line to say “yup, we’ll take him” and since we did that yesterday I feel it’s probably ok to present him to the world.

Anyway, so here are some pics –

This is what we got from China.

Now there’s an interesting story in that one of the other two couples are are going with has contact with a christian missionary group – found here who’ve actually been to the feng du orphange where our children to be are located. What’s great is that this group took a TON of pictures and video and they’ve made them all available to us.

Thanks to Wendy Norris (one of the other prospective parents) for hooking us with this incredibly big hearted group at the Oak Mountain Presbyterian ministry (particular Cathy Graham who’s been nothing but nice and supportive to us). Regular readers will now that I’m not a huge fan of organised religion, but in cases like this where people with nothing to gain go out and just do good works for people in need, like these orphanages, then I have nothing but supportive things to say. This is what Religion is supposed to be, not all that fire and brimestone hate mongers who protest soldiers funerals.

Yes, Religion can be good. You read it here. I probably won’t be saying it much again:)

Anyway, here are some pics they sent us.

Thats him on the left – his crib mate has already been adopted, but the incredibly Cathy Graham even has the details on the couple who adopted him. Is she great or what?

This is Cathy feeding him. She nicknamed the baby Hiro from the TV Series Heroes, since he looks like the Hiro Character.

Anyway, chances are we’ll be leaving for China late March, early April. Either way it’s an exciting time for us.

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