A new son!

Well, here we in China, in Chongqing – one of the 4 largest cities in China. The hotel we are staying at – the Harbor Plaza – is right in the center of town right off what would be the Chonqqing version of Picadilly Circus or Times Square. Lots of neon and people selling stuff.

So we have our son – after a 6 our drive to the orphange in Feng Du (which will make me never complain about roads anywhere else ever again) we picked him up, along with the other couples who got their girls.

We’ve named our boy Cameron Elliot Zhuang Simpson – Zhuang means strong in Chinese , and Elliot was my best friend from the age of about 2 who died when he was 19.

Here are are some pics, since I know family will want to see them.

Me and my boy.

Amelia being a big sister.

Cathy being Mommy for a second time.

Our new boy. Welcome to the family Cameron.

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