Accidental Viral Marketing.

So I was just reading about the Ipod Girl -

This pic was on an iphone bought by a UK customer – apparently it was taken at the factory in Shenzen in southern China (next to Guangzhou, where we were when we adopted) by another worker who was testing out the cameras on the iPhones.

Since then it’s become a bit of a sensation because it was uploaded to a mac forum and it’s gone everywhere.

My immediate thoughts was “Why isn’t this on every Iphone??”. I mean, this is really cool – seeing who completed the construction is a good thing.

Here in AZ you can buy a lot of Indian made stuff – and all sanctioned stuff has a little tag on it with the name and a message from the Indian individual who made it. I think that little bit of personality is just great and makes me feel a bit closer to both the company that manufactured the item and I’m more likely to take care of it.

Score one for Apple, even if it was purely accidental.

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