Adventure Book

So I promised to talk about Adventure book.

Just over a year ago, I spent a couple of weekends building a do it your self adventure book engine in IOS. All UIKit. It’s very simple – book definition as XML, the usual.

The idea was to get three sample books written and pitch to the BBC for the Doctor Who license, as another arm of the 50th anniversary celebrations.

Suffice to say, whilst the BBC in LA were interested, they basically said “But no chance” – not because they didn’t want to do it, but because it was narrative, it meant that Moffat himself would have to be in on it. And that getting any attention from him would be like “finding rocking horse crap”. So I asked about how the current novels and comic books were being done, and he explained that the pathing for them for approvals within the BBC was different; this was a game and given the lack of success for other games released (The Eternity Clock, for example), extra scrutiny is being given to those kinds of things.

But, the comic people – at this point IDW based in San Deigo -did have a digital license and possibly I could get this through them. So, as luck would have it, I was in town for the Doctor Who convention that weekend, and lo and behold, IDW was there! So I showed them what I had, they liked it, but then they asked if it could be more ‘comic booky’. I completely understood what they wanted, and so I spent the last year adding Motion Comic features to Adventure Book.

It’s now a fully fledge Motion Comic book creator, with all tools built into the app for generating content. To be clear, it’s not any kind of image editor or anything like that. It allows for import of images, then you can associate small scripts to them – rotate this much, wait, fade to 0 alpha, etc. The idea is that you lay out your content in the IOS app – getting totally accurate preview (there’s even a scrubber bar in the tools!), save it out and the app even packages it up, ready for it to be posted as DLC.

You get images / sounds / fonts etc in to the app either by using the built in web server – the app gives you a web url address, and if you go to it, you can see an Upload page, which uploads the content to your device OR you just use dropbox, which is actually easier.

So anyway, this thing is pretty much done. There are a few small bugs I need to fix – particularly in some of the editing tools – but functionally, it’s all there.

And I’ve no idea of what to do with it. IDW has since inked a deal with a competitor, and I just don’t really know what to do with this app…


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