An Ethical Dilemma part 3

Well I thought we’d made up our minds. But apparently we haven’t. We think we’ve made the decision, then we run into someone with a horror story about some autistic child, or some such and the whole conversation just starts all over again.

We’ve asked China for more recent information on the child. However there is a 5 node hop to get information out of them, plus translation on this end.

Basically we talk to our adoption agency, they talk to their agent in China, he has to talk to another agency in China, they have to talk to the orphanage the child is assigned to, and they have to talk to his foster family where he actually is.

Now our agency contact has been out for a couple of days, and is about to take a 2 week vacation over Xmas, as most people are. The agent is trying to contact the agency in China he has to talk to, and, of course, the person he needs to speak to is out sick for an unknown amount of time.

I’ve just spoken to the main pediatrician our child goes to, how has finally deemed to call me back after us waiting a week and a half on this (our old doctors we have back in CA called us back that day, not this one!) and was lectured on the morality of just accepting what we get, and the fact that we should have adopted from the US in the first place.

*sigh*. So basically we have to run into Christmas with this delightful black cloud sitting over us, with no information and little chance of getting any.

The resentment of China for putting us in this situation is growing. We are moving from depressed into angry now.

Just needed to vent a bit.

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