Another Day, another Holy S**t moment.

So apparently EA wants to buy Take 2.

There’s an EA doc here
Yahoo talks about it here

Wow. So here we are all are still reeling from the Activision Blizzard merge, and now EA’s at it themselves in order to get back up there to number #1.

Whats does EA actually buy itself? Well, it’s looking for GTA, and always has been. Godfather wasn’t the response to GTA that EA thought it would be so if in doubt, buy the competition.

Still, $2b eh? Wow. Thats some serious chump change. Must be nice to just be offered it eh?

$26 is too low as an offer for that IP, but I bet EA goes to somewhere in the region of $30 before bowing out.

I would wonder what would happen to Firaxis. Does EA have any interest in Civ I wonder?

I think it’s interesting that most of the studios that make up Take2 (Visual Concepts, Firaxis and so on) were originally built from disaffected EA veterans. Being sucked up to the mothership again like that must make quite a few people uncomfortable.

As a developer having one less publisher to pitch to would suck though.

I really feel I should go make some popcorn and watch with interest.

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