AT and T Sucks

So I had an iPhone and much loved it was. It was great, right up till some teenager at a go kart area stole it.

So you do what you do, you replace it. Well, I was *going* to replace it then the rumors about the 3G version of the iPhone appeared. So I thought well lets wait a bit then.

So in the mean time I got this POS Samsung phone that is just utter rubbish compared to the iPhone.

What I didn’t realise is that apparently that was considered an ‘upgrade’. So my upgrade I had on my account is now used, and I can’t get it towards the new 3G iPhone. So even though I had an iPhone on my account, it’s not there any more and because I used my upgrade I am stuffed price wise. I have to pay $699 for the 16gig version.

So not only did I suffer the loss of my $400 iPhone, but AT and T has set it up in such a way that I am penalised by another $300 in order to replace it.

I’ve tried customer service and gone up a level and no one is interested. No, Mr. Simpson, even though you’ve been a loyal customer for 10 years, here’s a big Fuck You and if you want an iPhone, even though some scum bag stole yours, you can pay an extra $300 for the privilege.

AT and T suck. Be warned.

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