Being Let down part 2.

Holy crap! Be careful what you wish for!

Since my post the other day a few people have actually gotten off their arse and written to me with their thoughts.

One of whom was pretty scathing in his comments. I was initially a bit like “Wow! It’s that bad??”. Unfortunately part of what he had to say was right, only it’s going to require an almost 100% re-write to fix. Hmm.

Still, I asked for this and if you can’t take criticism (and constructive criticism at that!) then this world isn’t going to be kind to you.

A measure of a man is how he takes criticism. The instant reaction is to either push back or to curl up and cry and abandon the work because others don’t take your first efforts as wonderful.

I’m trying to do neither (although there is some push back – I couldn’t not) but to actually look at what’s being said and distill it into something I can examine, judge and then use if I agree.

For the raw material to do that I have to thank those who have actually responded.

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