Being Let Down.

So, in my effort to blog a bit more, here’s another one.

For those following my car efforts, the car was left in Blythe (and man, does that town suck or what?) and is now fixed and hopefully I can get it tonight. Well, it’s partially fixed. At least the shifter is. The air con, no, the wrong part was ordered and arrived and it’ll take at least 2 more days to get the right one and another day to fit it. Awesome.

I need the car since the family (who are with me in LA right now ensuring I can get around) need to get back to AZ so the aircon fix will require fixing another day.

And in the meantime we’ve managed to get 2 (count ‘em 2) parking tickets for the Van. Double Awesome.

But that wasn’t what I was going to talk about. What I was going to talk about was people letting you down.

I am surprised at the number of people who will let you down at the last minute – there’s definite a group of people who will do what they say they will and then another group who *might* do what they say, if they feel like it. And then there’s obviously a group of people who are so full of crap it’s surprising it doesn’t come out their ears.

I’m just surprised at the number of people who are gung ho to do something for you, talk about what they are going to do, yet totally fail on actually doing anything.

I’m quite surprised at how many these people are – I totally don’t mind that people aren’t able to do something – I wouldn’t expect everyone to have time for free, but if that’s the case then Why Volunteer In The First Place?

Of all the people who asked to read my book to contribute comments for it, exactly 1 has gotten back to me. 1. Out of about 20 people. Yeah, I get that reading a book takes time as does creating comments. But if you say you are gonna do it, then do it! If not then don’t say you’ll do it in the first place. I’m sitting here waiting for the results here!/


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