Coupla Things

Firstly, the site counter is bolloxed. Again. It should be in the 70k mark.

I’ve noticed that PHP file writes on the host I use die once in a while. You get corruption in the files produced – it’s happened in the blog writes too, and I have to go in and fix them.

I’m planning on replacing all my file write stuff with an actual MySQL database system, but it’s all time, isn’t it? Half Life Episode 2 won’t play it self!

Secondly, just wanted to say – I LOVE what I do. I really do. Making games, being involved in the 3D World market – I feel totally privileged to be able to be in this industry and make a contribution to it.

People who love their job never “work” a day at all – this is stuff I’d be doing for nothing if I couldn’t get a job in this industry.

For all the moaning I do about the state of the industry and bad practices in it, I would far rather be doing this than anything else.

Just sayin’…

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