EA Buys Pandemic / Bioware

Wow. I guess this wasn’t so left field, what with John Riccitiello moving from Elevation Partners back to EA.

But $800+ million? Wow, that’s some bet. Traditionally Bioware hasn’t been all that mega successful with original IP – Jade Empire did ok figures but nothing major.

On the other hand if their Austin Branch – which is making a Star Wars related MMO, traditionally believed to be based around the Knights of the Old Republic IP – is successful it’ll give EA another MMO that works, to prop up the aging Ultima Online.

I suspect Pandemic will be gone within 4 years, once EA switches out their senior exec staff (which will happen at some point), absorbed into the great LA studio, which is a shame since there’s some great IP generating people there.

It’s fairly obvious that EA is trying to cover areas it doesn’t have much presence in – MMO’s and RPG’s – I’m just not sure how Pandemic fits into all that.

EA. If you are a game developer you will end up working for them at some point.

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