If you are even remotely connected to the games industry you’ll be aware of the cult of Fanboi-ism.

Fanbois exist for pretty much any game out there and will show up in forums to viciously defend your game at the drop of a hat. They will devour information regarding a game, tearing it to pieces to extrapolate new information and generally argue with each other about the game itself, all the while not actually playing it.

However, there is another type of fanboi-ism. The quiet fanbois who will look for stories about their favorite developers but don’t make a fuss about them.

I’m a quiet fanboi myself. I root for developers like Media Molecule (who have produced a masterpiece with Little Big Planet, even if it is a genre bursting game that no one quite knows how to categorize), Introversion who style themselves the ‘Last of the Bedroom coders” who produce great games like Darwinia, Defcon etc. Totally my kinds of guys.

I also admire people like Ready at Dawn a bunch of guys in Orange County who are ex-naughty dog and are the purveyors of most of the quality games out there for the PSP like Daxter and God Of War.

There’s also the NetDevil guys, who do the Jumpgate MMO. They had no prior experience and still managed to get an MMO out the door!

And also PlayMechanix slash Raw Thrills, a joint arcade development company in Chicago owned by my old friends George Petro and Eugene Jarvis. They have an uphill battle to own arcade market share, but if anyone can do it, they can.

What do all these places have in common? They are all small developer shops and right now that really appeals to my soul. I love the fact that they put their money where their mouth is, get to make the games they want to make and control their own destiny. I watch with great interest in how they make games and I wish them all the luck and success in the world.

It’s good to have heroes I think.

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