Finding your limits

When you are young, you can do anything. Hell, you can do anything you choose to and be really good at it all too. All you need to do is dedicate yourself to the task for a while.

When you get a bit older you begin to realize there are some things you just don’t want to do. Manage people, Be a doctor, Be a republican politician etc.

Then you get a bit older and you begin to realize that there are some things that you would have quite liked to have done, but time has passed you by and you need to bid goodbye to that career path.

And then you hit an extension to your own discipline and realize for the first time, having just had to do actually do it, your own limits in that area.

The real problem is in having imagination, being able to critique an area and thinking this would actually enable you to actually do it.

I’ve spent some time building my own game, realizing the images in my head I’ve been carrying around for a few years now. And I’ve done it. It’s there, playable and everything. And not fun.

And that’s the problem. I am not a designer. And I’m really starting to realize that. I’m good at being able to polish and tinker with someone elses design, but now I’ve built what was in my head and it’s not fun, I don’t even know if the problem is with the root mechanic, or with the way I’ve tweaked it. I’ve exposed the values to tweak whats there in real time, but I’ve no idea of what to play with to make it more fun.

And therein lies the rub. I hit a limit I didn’t know I had, but now I have. What to do now hmmmm?

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