Good Luck Cliff Bleszinski!

Hey, so my friend Cliff Bleszinski has announced a new games company, and intends to make an FPS. A fairly unsurprising event, to those that know him (and those that don’t, I guess).

Now, I’ve read some pretty vile bile regarding Cliff (and please not, I’m not referring to him as ‘CliffyB’ any more. He wants to be called Cliff – that’s his name – and I would like to respect that. God knows the guy has earned that respect.) and it’s pissing me off a bit.

Cliff really doesn’t need me to come to his defense really – he’s laughing all the way to the bank and frankly, he has a thick enough skin, belief in himself and his abilities, and the proof of having been instrumental in the development and production at least three very large Intellectual Properties that he’s doing just fine by himself.

But I can’t help myself. People who have a pop at him have no real idea of who he is at heart. What I see is a damn smart guy who loves what he does, and loves every aspect of it. He’s just both so enthusiastic and knowledgeable about what he does, it’s sickening in some respects. I wish I had a tenth of his knowledge or energy, frankly. The only two people I know who have the same level of experience and knowledge are George Broussard and John Romero (and seriously, spending an hour talking to this guy is like being dropped in the memory pool. He even remembers the balancing values for old RGP games. It’s astounding).

The fact is, yeah, Cliff has a hot wife. Far from people assuming he is lording it over them (which is an attitude that I’ve seen a bit), my feeling is “good for him. He’s proven it’s possible to be a geek and still have a life”. Cliff is something to aspire to be rather than “something to tear down”.

In my experience, people who have to tear others down do so because they realise – usually unconsciously – they’ll never attain those heights, are the worst of what humanity has to offer, and me being my fathers son, I cannot help but point that out. Particularly when it’s someone who so completely does NOT deserve that on the receiving end.

Sure, Cliff has a media presence too. So what? He’s a clever guy – he’s got an agent and that agent earns his keep. That’s why Cliff is on Jimmy Kimmel and you and I are not. It doesn’t hurt that he actually has a personality, is funny in person, and damn well knows what he is talking about.

Again, this should be something we all aspire to, not something to bitch about.

Cliff needs to be judged on the quality of his games, not whether Kotaku decides to feature him or not. The reality is that if you do that, the man comes out ahead in just about every way possible.

Anyway, again, Cliff doesn’t need me galloping to his rescue – but for what it’s worth, I wanted to say Congrats, and Good luck. Whatever he does, it’ll make a splash and be fun, that’s for sure.

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