Google Docs

Man, I so want to love these. It’s such a great idea – using a web browswer to edit docs and share them. Sounds like such a no brainer.

But it would be nice if a) the usage case EULA wasn’t so draconian – they own all the content? C’mon – way to go to create something useful then stop anyone wanting to use it. And b) actually worked. The share function I just can’t get to work – I’m trying to share a doc outside of my domain and while it lets me share with certain people outside my domain, it fails with other email addresses. It says it’s done it, but when you refresh the doc list, that email address isn’t listed.

And whats worse is that it did work on that same email address for other documents. This is a root flaw in the google code that runs this and to let you know google people It’s Fucking Frustrating

Edit – Oh wow, you can’t remove individual sharers on a file either! You can only remove everyone and start again. Way to go Google. Doesn’t anyone actually do any useability testing on these things??

Rant over, please return to normal programming.

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