iPhone thoughts

After using the iPhone for a while, I have a list of things I’d want.

Things I would want to fix / add.

Software :
o Allow me to decide if SMS texts show up on the main screen.
o Allow me to tell the machine to tell me if I have new mail (not what it is, just that I have it) on the main screen before I swipe and log in.
o Allow me to upload pics I take with it to a webpage.
o Remove all that Itunes ring tone shit. I want to use my own MP3′s of my daughters voice thank you very much Apple. Stop pushing me into a payment channel when I want to go outside it.
o Allow me to rotate the damn keyboard while in SMS Text Mode. Or, in fact, in any mode where the keyboard is up.
o Fix spelling substitution. It keeps replacing stuff when I don’t want it to, and not when I do. There has to be something better for ease of use on that.

o 3G – although to be honest in the US it’s less important simply because 3G penetration is so shit. I was trying to use a 3G phone in SF and it was so flaky and hit and miss it’s unbelievable – and this was a Nokia N95. You’d think SF if anywhere would have good 3G coverage. If SF doesn’t, what hope does Phoenix have?
o 16 Gigs – C’mon Apple, stop cheaping out.
o GPS. Yes, the new Google maps thing is nice. But it’s barely accurate at best. GPS is where it’s at – stop messing around Apple.
o A camera with a flash. To be honest, a 2Mp camera is fine. 3 would be nice, but 2 is ok. But put a flash on it please.
o A camera with Optical Zoom – 3x is quite sufficient. But I would like that please.
o Fix that god awful recessed headphones jack. I have had quite enough of traveling to the Apple Store to get a new replacement jack extender so I can plug my own headphones in thank you very much. This, like ringtones, feels very much like another Apple nod to 3rd party addon’s more than anything.

You do all this and it’s Apple For The Win.

Don’t get me wrong, I still think this is the best user friendly phone out there a the moment (even my wife is getting me to look up recipes online while we are at the supermarket), but it’s not perfect.

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