Iron Man and Speed Racer

So I took the family to the drive in last night to see Speed Racer. Man, I LOVE drive-in’s. I’ve only ever been to 2 before and one of those was a very mosquitoy experience. But I do love them – such an American Experience. I can have a cigar, drink a beer and watch a movie WITH my family! A real movie. None of this sit at home with the curtains drawn stuff.

So, for what it’s worth, the Instant Jake Review.

It’s VERY Colorful. The Exposition goes on way too much. Matthew Fox is awesome. Some of the racing is way too fast to actually understand what is going on – in a transformers kind of way (although better than transformers). The actual racing combat is basically kung fu but with cars, which is beyond awesome. Some of the subplots are lifted almost exactly from the cartoon which is very cool. The bad guys are very one dimensional, as they should be in movies like this. A very satisfying ending.

All in all a great family experience and there aren’t that many movies like that these days. Thoroughly recommended, unless you are the kind of person that feels the need to take apart Iron Man and movies of that ilk and make great capital comparing and contrasting them and criticizing them because they lack reality.

So I also went to see Iron Man – had to go to that one by myself since the wife has no interest and neither did Mila.

Another rapid fire review.

Again, very colorful. Deeper than expected characters, although lets face it, these are comic book characters and as such aren’t expected to be really deep. Nice villain how, for a change, is a villain because he’s a scum bag, not because he got infected by anything. Robert Downy Junior is AWESOME. Great moments of humor in this, again, mostly RDJ related. The Iron Man suit is awesome – the combat sequences being absolutely WOW. The CGI is just impeccable. All in all a very very entertaining romp. Thorough enjoyable as long as you leave your brain at the door and don’t nit pick.

So, next time, how about we actually talk about something game related?? How about that? Eh?

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