I’ve been watching that new series Journeyman, with the bloke from Rome in it (with the CRAPPIEST American Accent I’ve ever heard, but there you go) and enjoying it quite a lot. There’s always something fun about a show set in a place you know fairly well – recognizing where they are and so on.

But, there’s been something bugging me about it and it’s taken 3 episodes to understand why.

It’s his house. It’s a nice house. It’s in the middle of San Fransciso. It’s a stand alone house.

And it’s bloody impossible that he’d own it. The fact is that a house like that in SF would be on the order of a million plus, even 5 years ago. There’s just No Way a single income family could afford it. None. He’s a reporter – they aren’t on serious wedge. She’s not got an income and they even have a kid.

No, just not plausible any more than Friends was. I remember thinking the same thing when watching Mrs. Doubtfire. Sure, a divorced mom (Sally Field) could afford that house in SF that she lived in? I don’t think so.

But, it’s much more fun to have nice houses for people to live in than the crappy condos that most people have to live in just to be in SF eh?

Although it does have to be said that arguing about realism on show based around Time Travel does seem a bit silly:)

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