Kotaku and Joystiq, sitting in a tree…

Here’s one for the real gaming crowd!

Can these two websites – Kotaku and Joystiq finally just get married and be done with it?

The only way I can tell the difference between the two sites is basically the color schemes. Oh and Kotaku is slightly more sarcastic.

I mean, just merge, fall in love, get married, do whatever you need to. I want to see what your kids would look like (can you imagine that??).

Seriously though I do honestly have troubles telling these two apart. I think Kotaku is a bit more laddish than Joystiq but not by much. Do we really need two of the same website? Perhaps we do…

P.S. I’m in San Francisco all next week, so updates may be a bit sparse on the ground. We shall see what time I can find…

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