Last post of 2007!

Wow, the last post of 2007! I’ve actually managed to persist some of the updates since I got the blogging engine working properly, so I’m quite happy about that.

I was thinking that perhaps a Best Of blog might be in order, but I don’t honestly think I have enough to choose from.

So, whats in store for next year? I was thinking of adding a few things to the site – a search function for one, and also a way of mapping web URLs so we aren’t constantly using those nasty internal links that are so large.

What I need is some tinyURL like functionality – have to think about that.

Anyway, topic of the day :- being out of sync with the rest of the world.

Recently I had occasion to play Portal, since everyone raves about it and it’s showing up on so many GOTY websites. So now it’s time for some heresy.

I don’t get it. The humor is weak to non existent (these are the guys from Old Man Murray? Really? This is the best they can do??). All this “There is no cake” – yeah, where’s the punch line? The tech that displays the world is hardly cutting edge and while it’s a one trick pony (and it has to be said, that trick is pretty cool), it IS a one trick pony. I’m at level 16 of 19 and quite frankly I’m bored with it.

There is absolutely no variation and yes, I understand how it all works now – I did that on level 5. There just doesn’t seem to be much of a game there, just lots of level design puzzles. I don’t believe that puzzle = game.

However, I know that’s how I feel about it, but apparently the rest of the world feels differently. I don’t know why – apart from people with no real opinion being swayed a lot by those who *are* passionate about it, you tend to see this when lots of people don’t understand why they are being told something is good, but they jump on the bandwagon because it makes them look stupid if they don’t – it just isn’t that good.

But that’s just my feeling. Am I wrong? Well, it might be argued that everyone can’t be wrong (which is bullshit) but it might also be argued that I just have skewed ideas about whats fun and whats not.

Well, ultimately I feel like a cold shower when everyone else is in the pool. I guess everyone has certain things they believe that are out of kilter with the rest of the world, it just sucks when it’s something like a GOTY game.

To be sure, I applaud what portal represents – a small game that’s added value to a larger package (Orange Box), as well as an attempt at something new, which the games industry needs in spades. I just don’t particularly see it as intrinsically a good game in itself. It’s a curiosity, and it’s a great experiment, but as a stand alone game,…no.

Time to zig when everyone else zags I guess.

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