Microsoft Hypocrisy

So regular readers will remember my rant on Microsoft changing the default 70/30 royalty to 35/65 for indie developers. Basically I ragged on this as The Wrong Thing To Do in almost every possible sense.

Well, Apple just announced their own iPhone developer system, and they are doing the same – all indie developed apps offered over Itunes will do a 70/30 split. Very nice.

The hypocrisy comes in inside of Steve Balmers response to this.

Here’s a link to a CNet news website detailing his response

Now the crucial part is this..
He also noted that Apple might be taking too large a slice, grabbing “30 percent of every bit of revenue.”

Really Steve? Given that your own XLA division used to do this, was that too much? What about the 65% they are taking now? Think that’s too much? I do too – What are you going to do about it?

Well the answer is obvious – nothing. This is just political posturing for the sake of it. MS wouldn’t do a 70/30 split, obviously. They’d do 50/50 at best.

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