More on Video game writers.

Just wanted to update on yesterdays blog post – I think my basic point was to say that the original writer was quite correct if you use a traditional writer and try and inject them into video game writing – particularly someone who doesn’t play games.

My point was that writers who are aware of video game idoms can be of value.

Writing for it’s own sake can’t make a mechanic fun (as was postulated) – Something I agree with. But it can make all the stuff surrounding the mechanic fun and imbue it with more meaning. And that’s definitely of value.

Just like every great movie camera man is a frustrated director, every good video game writer is a frustrated designer. And every good video game gameplay programmer is a frustrated designer too.

By definition there needs to be bleed over in disciplines to get the best out of all of them, and writing is no different. Providing you get that and get a writer who groks that then writers most assuredly *can* make a difference to your product. Assuming it needs one..

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