My Friend Dave

I have this buddy – Dave Taylor. He’s an ex Id, ex Transmeta, ex, well, almost everything guy.

He’s really well connected, he’s extremely funny and he knows his shit when it comes to the video game business.

In fact, I had drinks with him just the other night as I was visiting LA.

Anyway, there’s also a show on G4 looking for a video games correspondent. Dave is the man for the job, without any question.

A quick glance at his reel will tell you that.

It works by people basically voting – so I need you to zip over to this link here, make a real fast account (no email sending required, it’s a quick and dirty account) and vote for him.

The votes reset daily in terms of you being able to vote more than once – so I’m asking for a little bit of help for my friend Dave.

In fact, while you are there, check out the other reels, you’ll see what I mean in terms of Dave being the man when you watch the others.

He needs our help – lets get a real game insider on G4!


Also, I’ll be going dark for a while next week since I am off to China to adopt a little boy (assuming I can find the extra $10k I need to finish this since everything went up).

Wish me luck!

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