My Life Has Feature Creep

So recently I did some work on my sons website – here as well as his sisters website over here.

Basically they used to be total HTML built websites, if I wanted to add extra pics or stuff, I had to hand edit some HTML and then throw the new HTML / Pics up via FTP.

So I re-wrote them both so they are now script driven, I just upload a pic and it generates a thumbnail, associates the correct text, generates the web pages and uses MySQL and all that good stuff. It’s very cool and makes updating those sites a breeze.

However, once I got started I found that the code I had written could be used on Jakeworld for the Harem, so of course I pushed it across with some modifications. Then I thought “Wait, I also need a way to push some of those pics onto the front page”. etc etc etc. You get the picture. What was going to take one day suddenly took a week.

It’s not just code either.

I put some new plants into the garden – some tomatoes, grapes (No idea why!), a citrus tree, some strawberries etc. Been meaning to do it for a while.
So while I am there, I wire it into the drip feed system that was already in place. Then I test it, and find leaks all over the place. So another day is spent in getting the parts and fixing them. Then I find the grass sprinkler system is broken too, so that needs to be fixed (I think it’s broken again in fact, in the morning I come down and there are big puddles of water all over the place). It’s never ending.

All just feature creep. Even cleaning my office turns into rebuilding my file server, rearranging the drives and backing everything up (which is probably a good idea).

I need to have more discipline – although I justify not by saying that these things needs to get done at some point anyway, and at least I finish the damn job, even if it does take 2 days longer than it should.

Is your life like that?

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