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Jake Simpson
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SEPT ’86 – JUNE ’89 Hatfield Polytechnic/University of Hertfordshire, U.K.
US Bachelor of Science equivalent in Computer Science – Merit

APRIL ’12 – Current General Contractor – Mobile and PC games
Working as a general coding contractor on mobile game platforms – extensive experience with Objective C / IOS, Java and Android and other platforms. Successfully brought multiple client projects to a close for Machinworks Northwest (3D Hunting games on IOS and Android), 5 Elements (Zapt and Fox Sports Second Screen on IOS) and 17bit Games, (porting Skulls Of the Shogun from XNA to IOS).

FEB ’11 – APRIL ’12 Sony VASG – Engineering Manager
Built engineering team, putting good practices in place. Partnered with External group to upgrade the virtual camera and tools. Upgraded several thousand python scripts to work with Motion Builder 2012.
Designed and started development of a complete replacement for the build pipeline for all motion capture / animation work.

APRIL ’10 – FEB ‘11 OOOii Realtime – Tools Lead and Virtual Camera project lead.
Built infrastructure between Motion Builder and Unreal engine to reflect shot changes in real time, rendered with Unreal engine.
Built framework to take real time video from Unreal engine and broadcast to Ipad for on stage virtual camera.

MARCH ’09 – MARCH ‘10 Gribble Entertainment / Image Movers Digital – Real Time Architect.
Usage design and integration of Qubesoft game engine for use by the Director showing realtime feedback of actors at motion capture time with lighting, motion blur and depth of field effects from Motion Builder data.
Implementation of asset management systems for scene content and pre-rendering of shots.

MARCH ’07 – NOV ‘09 Linden Lab – Second Life Business Developer.
First Technical Contact with 3rd parties to interface their systems to that of Second Life.
Developing deals with external 3rd parties to extend the Second Life platform.
Optimising and bug fixing both the Client and Server codebases.

APRIL ’06 – FEB ‘07 Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment – Tools & Pipeline Lead.
Building all tools and production processes for a StargateWorld MMO based on combining Unreal 3 (windows) as client and Bigworld (linux) as Server. Designed all content creation tools and managed a team to execute on those designs; also designed and implemented build systems, build distribution systems, crash log detection, automatic testing, database design, best team practices, coding standards and so on from scratch.

NOV ’01 – FEB ‘06 Maxis/Electronic Arts – Pipeline Lead / Lead Sim & Release Engineer.
Pipeline tools lead for EARS Nextgen Engine for The Simpsons project. Responsible for running tools team imagining, architecting and developing Database tools and run time for cross platform Next Gen Engine to handle content tracking, debugging, logging, automated testing, automatic database generation, version control integration and so on. Responsible for tasking Central Tech Group for EA Wide required tools.
Responsable for managing the Sims2 simulation team, all scripting tools and simulation code behind them, getting content into the game, as well as handling bug tracking, providing content creation tools for production, developing reporting tools for tuning the game. Also worked on Sims 1.0 expansion packs with the other hand.

APRIL ’98 – AUG ‘01 Raven Software – Programmer / Lead Programmer.
Asst. Lead Programmer on Heretic II, working on the software renderer, networking, game AI code, and almost all aspects of programming for this project. Also solely responsible for the Heretic II expansion pack.
Major contribution to Soldier of Fortune implementing multiplayer games and also significant contribution to Star Trek: Voyager : Elite Force creating the lip synching software and additional network game code.
Responsible for creating and maintaing the award winning Ghoul2 skeletal animation system used by Soldier of Fortune 2, Jedi Knight II : Outcast, and Jedi Knight : Academy and the multiplayer versions of each.

JUNE ’92 – FEB ’98 Williams Bally Midway Games Ltd. – Programmer / Project Leader.
Graduated from team programmer, to associate designer, to game project leader over the period spent at Midway. Projects involved with include Wrestlemania, Revolution X, NBA JAM (NANI edition), Mortal Kombat III, the TOUCHMASTER table top game and the Carnevil gun game.
Team leader for two projects; overseeing a group of programmers and artists, as well as assuming overall responsibility for the design and implementation of the game itself. This included all aspects of game creation, I.E. Sound package design, cabinet design, coding and implementation, testing and final release.
Responsible for the NANI interface used by some Midway games. (NANI was a national network that ran tournaments using game scores from specific games, sent via modem to a mainframe system, then sorted nationally into leaderboards.)

SEPT ’87 – JUNE ’88 Lynnsoft (UK). – Paid Internship as part of Degree.
Worked on a range of titles including Bubbler (C64 – Ultimate Play The Game), Archon / Archon II (Spectrum / Amstrad CPC – EA), PHM Pegasus (Spectrum / Amstrad CPC – EA).=
Designing Live and Let Die on C64 / Amiga / ST to completion myself. Work was achieved using a PC based host/object development system.

• Small and large scale team management.
• Unreal 3 (PC) engine development Experience.
• MMO build systems and Object Data Definition systems, plus basic MySQL usage.
• Forward thinking reuseable modular architectural design for tools and runtime code.
• C/ C++ Object Oriented Programming / X86 assembly language / C# / OpenGL (ES and regular) / IOS / Python / PHP / MFC
• Extensive ingame real time scripting / AI decision making systems.
• Critical Console vs PC development contrasts, and best practice approaches.
• Agile Process Knowledge.
• Multi-threaded implementation / debugging.
• Deep experience of IOS and Android as a platform, along with large 3rd party library usage on mobile.
• 3D geometry manipulation.
• Basic Compression technologies, including VP8 video compression.
• Release management for large scale development / Build Stability.
• Testing / QA code preparation.
• Market awareness (people, practices, processes and general industry developments / projections).
• Expansion (moddable) ready codebases.
• Animation / art pipeline development.
• Mobile game development – shipped multiple games / apps on Android and IOS platforms using OpenGL and UIKit.
• Networking for realtime multiplayer gaming using the internet and Ethernet networks.
• Familiarity with older languages such as COBOL, BASIC, MODULAR II, 6052 / 6809 / 68000 assembly languages.
• Fluency in all Monty Python Movies.
• An understanding of the value of where and how to use the above knowledge, and where to get the knowledge / experience I may lack in any given situation.
• Deep understanding of Motion Capture / VFX pipelines, Vicon camera systems / Autodesk Motion Builder.

I have lectured on video game development in a range of settings, including the Game Developer Conference, the University of Wisconsin, the University of CA and QuakeCon. Numerous articles published on the web and in print, including Game Developer Magazine and Game Progamming gems.
Also created and was Editor in Chief of Gamesauce Magazine.

Movies, photography, sky diving, playing and writing computer games, writing articles / novels, reading.

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