New iPhone toy!

Last night I weakened and bought an iPhone. I’ve been eyeing it for a while, and last night I just thought “Yeah, time go with the new hotness”. My aging 8125 (and HTPC windows mobile phone) is starting to flake a few times – I have to re-align the touch screen every week or so now and well, it’s pretty beaten up.

So here I am, the proud owner of a nice new iPhone.

Now the biggest problem I see with the iPhone is having to use iTunes. I knew this was coming, so I’ve been training myself since my last re-install to just use iTunes as my primary music player / organiser, and I’ve been gritting my teeth since it’s such a god awful piece of software.

Anything that doesn’t allow me to re-use music in different playlists, recognise the fact and *only download one copy of the music* to the player sucks outloud.

Also, it says it imports .m3u files and it doesn’t. I have a ton of playlists from Winamp but iTunes won’t import them. It just creates a playlist with the correct name and nothing inside it. Way to go Apple.

iTunes on windows is a resource hog and tends to lock my machine up for periods at a time – it’s just badly engineered.

Lets not talk about how the Sim card is locked into the phone, so I can’t transfer my service to another phone if I feel the need/desire, like I used to be able to. Or how I have to dick around to get my phone numbers I keep on my sim card into the iPhone in the first place – it’s forcing me to tidy up my address book in windows, but I’d rather make that choice myself of when to do that, not when Apple forces me to.

I dislike being forced to have to create an iTunes account just to be able to activate the phone – thats bogus – when I’ve managed to exist without buying anything from iTunes for so long.

I’m also not thrilled with having to buy an ‘approved’ song for a ring tone. Yes, I understand that ring tones have been a commodity for a while, but forcing people to *have* to buy one sucks. I’ve been able to use whatever mp3 I want on my 8125 for years, why do I have to buy only what Apple approves of now? And worse still why do I have to pay for the song twice if I want to listen to it normally?

This is purely another revenue stream from Apple based on the fact that they can force you into it, and that blows. There’s no other reason, no technical issue, other than sheer greed. Which is pretty much what I’ve come to expect from Apple as a company.

They make damn good technology. Their software UI is the best out there – the actual technology it all sits on is less so, but it’s basically acceptable. But damn if they don’t nickel and dime you to death simply because they can.

Now, having said all that, the iPhone is pure hand held sex. I mean it just is. It’s lovely. It’s not without faults (whats the deal with the recessed phone socket?? All of a sudden most ipod headphones don’t work. Brilliant work there Mr. Apple Engineer.) but as a phone / ipod it really does the job and does it well. Until you’ve played with the interface in a real “I need to use this and get an answer” situation (as opposed to just playing with it) you just don’t get how bloody good it really is.

So on balance, while I object to some of Apples business practices, I have to say they do make one of the best phones out there.

Now. About the 16 gig / 3G version?

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