Nickle and Diming

I’ve noticed recently a nasty trend of nickle and diming. Now the US has always had a penchant for charging for small stuff under the “Offering options” line, but my experience of flying recently has just really made me notice this.

Charging $2 for a head set on a plane is bullshit. Charging $6 for a drink that isn’t coke or sprite is bullshit. Charging $8 for a sandwich (which we used to get free) is bullshit. Not having public wifi at the airport is bullshit.

And charging $25 to put a bag in the hold of the aircraft really is bullshit. This one really offends me – I already paid for my ticket, but apparently what the ticket represents now is far less than it ever was before.

I understand it’s more expensive to fly because of fuel costs. And that does suck. And I also understand that some of this has to be passed on to the consumer – thats basic economics. But don’t keep the ticket prices the same and nickel and dime me. It just winds me up. Put Up The Ticket Prices And Be Done With It, ok? Don’t degrade the service, because that just makes flying even more of a nasty event than the TSA has already made it. Being told I have to take my belt off already puts me in a bad mood – being told I can’t eat anything unless I pay $10 on the damn plane makes it even worse.

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