Old Friends

Working at home is great.

Most of the time.

There are things that I miss. Old friends that I used to work with, now scattered to the winds. Back in the day I could just wander into someones office, and spend the morning “passionately discussing” (arguing) about the best approach to a particular implementation issue.

There were (are) people I really respect when we used to have these discussions. We’d all stick to our guns, argue our points, get frustrated with each other, tangle it all up, straighten it all out, and come up with an approach that was probably the best way forward given the information we had at the time.

I didn’t always believe that what we’d come up with was the best way, but I was always comforted to think that there had been more than just my eyes on it, and there was consensus in approach. I would never be asked by any of the technical people “Why did you do it this way?” because all the people who really mattered who would ask the question already knew.

The nicest thing about this was that I could argue all morning about one particular point of using STL or not, get very in your face about it, and then 12 would roll around and we’d all go to lunch and be total friends.

We could argue about stuff, quite passionately at times, but the respect for each other was always there, and nothing was held against each other. Socially we divorced ourselves from professional disagreements.

And Man, do I miss that.

Having people local to bounce stuff off, I am discovering, is a massive part of being in an office.

Of course I want to pick and choose who I have around me, but don’t we all?

James M, Rick J, John S, Ste C, Dan K, Dave G & Josh H, I miss you, more than you know. You made me a better engineer and for that I am grateful. I hope one day we get to work together again.

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