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So it’s been a while. I’ve been extremely busy making a game, interviewing, worrying and having a vacation.

I’m in the UK right now, and have done some shopping with the wife. That experience, and conversations with some of the people I am staying with have brought me to the realisation of the inevitable catch 22 of shopping with children.

We have a kid (and another one the way, sort of), so when we go shopping we take the kid along. However, if the wife does what she wants, she goes clothes, shoes and makeup shopping which bores the pants off me. However I have to tag along because she can’t do it with the kid – you can’t constantly be trying stuff on as women are wont to do with a 4 year old running amok.

So I have to go along. But this is *my* vacation too! Do I want to spend all day standing in the door way of clothing stores with a bored 4 year old (not to mention a bored 38 year old?). No. I have stuff I’d rather do.

So I suggest to the wife that I take the kid to do something else while she shops. “But”, she says, “This is our vacation! I want to do those things with the kid too!”.

So basically it comes down to this. If you want to make your wife happy on vacation my advice is to either leave the kids at home, or stay at home yourself and keep the kids with you. Because there is no way to do it if you all go, that’s for sure.

Game is going. More updates when events warrant.

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