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OK, so it’s April – almost May in fact.

I have a new job – I’m going to move to Phoenix, AZ and work for a company called Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment.

Some of you might know them in that they are doing a StarGate MMO, which is exciting to me because a) I have never done an MMO and b) because it’s StarGate and I think that’s a great show.

The people there seemed really nice, the kind of people I can play poker with, or just hang out – friends in fact. That was most important to me this time round – making friends like I had in Madison.

However, we have to move. And man, do I hate moving. All the BS you have to do in order to sell your house, all the packing, the physical move, and then the two-three weeks you spend trying to unpack and reset up everything in the new house to how you want it.

I don’t even want to think about how long it took for the broadband connection to be hooked up to this house.

I hate moving. I hate everything that surrounds it too, from looking at houses to staging yours, to Hemmoraging money on realtors. I’m going to be giving a realtor almost 50k this time round. Sob.

But I have to be positive, and look forward to things being better. It’s all gonna be worth the pain, I’m sure.

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