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Wow, two blog posts on consecutive days! What’s going on?

I’m trying to decide if I should make the effort and go to E3 or not. It’s a 5 hour drive each way, and I have to fly back up to SF on Friday.

I dunno. It would be great to see the new games and see old friends, but it’s all just such a hassel.

In other area’s – I miss not getting the Daily Show. I really enjoy it and I only get basic cable where I am in Phoenix right now. I’m not paying for Satellite in CA and extended cable in Arizona at the same time, so I miss my Daily Show. Oh well.

Following on from that point, I – once again – found that old adage ‘you don’t know what you have till you don’t have it’ to be true.

Recently, what with starting a new job, moving, trying to get this second adoption sorted I’ve found that my relationship with my wife has deteriorated a bit – lots of yelling, short tempers and so on (on both sides). We are both stressed out beyond belief, and take it out on each other, which is only natural bearing in mind all the crap we are trying to deal with.

However, even just being away from her for a week makes the weekends we spend together So Sweet. I miss my wife far more than I thought I would. Her presence is just so hard wired into me now that *not* having her just sucks outloud.
I knew I would miss Mila, but I figured with all the eye scratching we’d been doing that I would be glad of some time apart from the wife.
And in a way I am, because it brings back into focus the fact that I really do love her, and don’t want to be apart from her.
Cathy is right I think – sometime apart for a married couple isn’t always the worst thing. Sometimes it puts your life together into perspective.

Right, enough touchy feely crap. Lets talk about SONY!
$499 for a console that won’t even play Blue Ray movies properly? $599 for one that will? What planet are you guys on?

The controller- which incidentally looks *exactly* like the existing PS2 controller, but with different interals – what was the thinking there? Way to go to *totally* confuse the buying public when they want a second controller.

I dunno – Sony is going for broke to own the next generation DVD format and using the PS3 as their platform to do it. Good luck with that. The 360 will be $100 cheaper, and have a heavy platform of games when the PS3 hits. I’m sure we’ve seen that situation before haven’t we??

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