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Well, it’s May already.

Hopefully now I’ve moved to Phoenix there’ll be more stability and I’ll update this thing a bit more.

So far I’ve been here a week and it’s not gone that smoothly. On Wednesday I came out of the apartment to find that someone had slashed the tires on my convertible. Not good- they’d even left the tool they used to do stuck in the side of the one of the tires.
And, of course, it was the morning the complex was re-black topping the parking lot, and anyone who’s car was still there by 10am would be ticketed and towed. Joy.

Then, later in the week, someone has stolen my PSP. I don’t know if it was at work or from my car; either way it’s gone, and the gig memory stick and game that was in it along with it.

I miss Mila like no tomorrow, and miss the wife just as much.

But, look on the bright side. I am earning again, the job at Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment is great – a great bunch of people here – and there’s a massive challenge to rise to.

And Phoenix is just great. Where I am is brand new, loads of stuff, very hot, just all round nice. Well impressed. Apart from the loss of my PSP and the tires thing.

More as events warrant!

By the way. My Name Is Earl is just Awesome.
And Sarah Jane Smith is equally awesome – looks as good as she did in the 70′s.

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