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So, first blog with the new php blogging system. Lets make it a goody!

So it appears that they’ve caught the nasty piece of work that is out there knocking off hookers in the UK, around Ipswich.

I’m mighty glad to hear it, as I’m sure, are all the working girls in that area.

I remember watching an episode of The Shield, where the lead guy says at one point that the modern police can actually solve almost any crime, they just don’t have the resources to do it for every crime.
In this case they did and they caught the bastard.

In terms of working girls and those snotty sods who look down on them, I’ve got to say that I understand why they do it – we all have to earn a crust and put a roof over our heads. There’s demand, so ok then.

I just wish they could do it in safer circumstances quite honestly.

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