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A new year and all that. Gonna try and actually do something with this blog now that I’ve actually built the php code behind it!

So, first post!

Man, ITunes Sucks so bad.
I’ve tried to use it so many times and given up because the interface was apparently designed by someone that’s never used a PC, and will never use anything but ICrap for their musical needs.

Well, I hate Itunes. I use Winamp as my music (and only music, video sucks in Winamp) player of choice. All my music is organised via playlists, and I would prefer to keep it that way.

But the interface within ITunes for importing Winamp playlists is dodgy at best. I’ve found that song duplication across playlists doesn’t work properly (and I do this a lot) and there’s no easy setting of track attributes via a mass selection within IShit either.

It’s just a crappy interface. Period.

So I’ve looked at other stuff. I’ve tried Ephod, but it hasn’t been updated in years and doesn’t work with a Nano. I’ve tried the Winamp plugins, but they’ve been lacking in functionality too. I’m finally using Foobar2000, with the Foopod plugin, but that’s pretty basic too. A couple of missing features, and god knows that front end GUI needs a large amount of work.

I only need about 10 features to really use this thing, so I’m seriously starting to consider building my own interface on top of the Itunes SDK. I wonder how feasible that would be?

Watch this space.

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