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Wow. 2 blogs on the trot!! I’m smokin’.

Today I’m just going to rant a bit. My PC, all of 6 months old (and home built) just won’t stay stable. It resets randomly, well, I say randomly, but really it seems to be based on load.

I’m thinking it could be power based – on the other hand I have a 500w PSU in there, which should be enough for just the one HD, a DVD Burner and the Radeon 1600xl (and creative labs Audigy), surely?

I thought it might be memory, or perhaps the configuration of Windows on the HD, and since I can make this happen with fairly regularity by just running an HD Virus scan, I thought ok, lets try transferring the memory and HD across to another machine with the same motherboard and see if it happens there. If it does, its either memory or the HD set up.
So I did and it worked fine. So it’s not memory or the HD windows configuration.

So that leaves powersupply, motherboard or chip – I did replace the powersupply with a new 500w one, so I doubt it’s that (although it’s possible). Maybe the chip? Maybe the motherboard? It’s not the chip heatsink; I’ve replaced two of those so it’s unlikely to be that.

Either way, I’ve ordered a replacement motherboard and a new Powersupply. We’ll see what happens.

You wait. It’ll be the damn chip now, after I’ve replaced everything else.

Random resets are not fun, particularly if you are burning a DVD or trying to get some work on your Xbox Live Arcade engine done.
Oh yes. I’m back into that. I made a new years resolution to get back into it and finish it before I start anything else, like an Itunes replacement, so here I am, getting into it.
Yay for me.

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