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So I got laid off from my job yesterday.

I worked for EA and was one of the 145 laid off at the Redwood Shores facility.

And let me tell you, the sense of relief is palpable. I’ve been feeling pretty boxed in there for a while, and my attempts to get out of that box weren’t going that well since I got the distinct impression they want people who will just shut up and go along with whatever path they happen to be on that day.

I dunno, I’m at that age where I have enough experience to know the right path from the wrong one – I’ve been doing this long enough to know what’s a mistake and what isn’t.
The trouble is that there are lots of other equally experienced people who feel the opposite to what I feel – what I think is a mistake, they don’t.

And who to believe? No one really has all the answers, we just do the best we can day to day. I think I’m right because of the history and anacedotal evidence I have, and other people are diametrically opposite for exactly the same reasons.

The trouble is, even with somewhere as big as EA there is only so much room for the big fish and it just wasn’t to be a pond I was destined to swim in for too long as a big fish – too many others jostling for their place.

So never mind. It was a good run, I got a great game on my resume, made some friends, became a better engineer and manager than I ever was to begin with and to be honest, I don’t regret it for an instant, despite how it ended.

And now, onto the next opportunity.

Change is good, and so is life:)

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