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Ok, so back from Vacation in the UK.

The trip was great – always wonderful to see family. One of the problems of living so far away is that when you do return you have such a limited amount of time to squeeze seeing everyone in. Everyone tends to get short changed on the time you can spend with them, and some are more vocal about it than others.

But it was great to see friends and stuff. One of the draw backs is that you tend to drink a hell of a lot more than you would normally, since I tend to meet all my friends in pubs. What that says about me and my friends I wouldn’t like to say:).

Now the trip was great, but the travelling wasn’t. We went American Airlines, and I have to say, compared to the likes of BA, United and Virgin, they suck. Barely a meal on the plane, if you want snacks you have to pay for them, and it’s $5 a beer, whereas it’s free on international flights with everyone else.

Look, I’m all for saving money, but removing the free beer is just petty.

And then there’s the morons that deal with security. Boy, have you ever seen a bunch of more jumped up and up their own arses group of people? Apparently, while being searched, one of these jokers took offence at – and get this – How I took my shoes off. How f**king silly is that? He had to call a supervisor over because of how I took my shoes off. What a twat.

Yet these people seriously think they are saving the world. If you have a lighter on your person they think you are personally going to blow up the world (and incidentally, can we get the rules on those straight please? Apparently it’s ok to take a lighter with you on a domestic flight in the US as long as it’s packed in your checked luggage. But not, apparently, if you are travelling *into* the US. Then you can’t have one at all. And that’s a US rule, not a UK one. *shakes head* – what a bunch of morons making the rules).

A message to these twats (and those that make the rules). If someone wants to take over a plane, then they will. I could do it with a ball point pen for christs sake. Treating them like a terrorist because they have tweezers on their person will not stop terrorists for a second, but will piss off everyone else for NOT REASON AT ALL.

It’s all just about perception. They think people will be reassured that travelling is safe because they’ve made you take your belt and shoes off at security and inconvienced you. But the reality is that this makes zero difference. And at the end of the day, all it’s done is piss you off. But is anyone who works security allowed to think for themselves? Or, worse still, required to? No. In fact I have the feeling that people that are hired for this kind of work are specifically selected so they don’t.

Right. Sorry, that developed into a rant. Feel much better for getting that off my chest.

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