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So the wife and I have been watching LOST in a big old marathon. We are currently at episode 8 on season 2 and very good it is too.

It’s a great character study, well written, most of the dialog is pretty good and people believable in their reactions.
The whole premise is a bit contrived it has to be said though, and the fact that no one has gone crazy is just not believable.

I notice that all the characters we’ve been introduced to so far are people who are able to start again. No one (apart from Rose) has a wife / Husband / Children left at home to worry about. I suspect we don’t see those kinds of characters because for them, there is no ‘reset’ to be pushed. You can’t just let go of a previous life where people are dependent on you – you are pushed to need to return to it, and hence people go crazy.

But there are lots of small little nitty picky bits and pieces that leap out at me and just reduce the believablity of this drama.

For instance – they needed batteries right? To power the radio etc? Yet they didn’t have any. And yet, everyone seems to have a flash light. Last time I checked those ran on batterys too.

That whole ‘typing in the numbers to avert catastrophy’ thing. Yeah, you know, if you have a computer then Why would you need to type the numbers in in the first place?? I mean the whole point of computers is that they do repetative tasks like this extremely well. Why would you need a human to do it? Simply write a small program to input the numbers and you are done.

Of course it’s entirely possible that the shows creators already know this, in which case the entire thing is a human response study and not something that’s going to blow up the world. But I get the distinct impression that while some plot caveats are well worked out, lots are not and they just make it up as they go along.

I guess we’ll see in series 3. Or 4, or 5 or whatever.

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