Our Adoption, part 2

Yeah, I know, this is supposed to be gaming blog but I’m in China adopting and so you’ll just have to bear with me talking about that for a bit.

So we are still in Chongqing, just coming to terms with having a new little one to cope with. He’s been great except for the fact that he just won’t dump! I mean normally that’s a cause for celebration since I certainly don’t want to deal with the contents of diapers and nappies, but him not having passed anything for 3 days is some what of a concern. We are giving him laxatives and crossing our fingers! As I type this Cathy has Cameron on her lap and is bumping him up and down and saying “Where’s that poop?”.
Yeah, probably TMI but what the hell…

I’m sure Cameron will enjoy this entry when he googles his name years from now:)

Here he is, sitting on my shoulders. He wasn’t too sure of this, but I held tight and I think he was ok.

So the actual adoption moment where we got him from the orphanage was very quick – a 2 hour flight from Guangzhou (which was the bumpiest flight I’ve been on – all perpetration for the drive later) and then a 3 hour drive to the Feng Du orphanage – which was the bumpiest ride through some of the most depressing and dreary landscape I’ve ever seen in terms of human habitation – then literally 1/2 hour there to grab him and be off again for the ride back to Chongqing and civilisation. I can’t stress how sad it was to see the environment he came from – very run down and as Mila put it, Droopy. I feel very good about getting him out of that potential situation and into something better.

So now we are in a 5 star hotel in Chongqing and we got the actual adoption paperwork done yesterday – we are now officially Feng Fu Zhuang (now Cameron Simpson)’s parents!

Now we have to wait a few days to get his Chinese passport and then it’s back to Guangzhou to deal with the American Consulate.

Next time I’ll tell you all about All Nippon Air and how they wanted to take another $6300 from us on top of the $5500 we’d already paid for seats on plane, just to get us to China. And how Super Shuttle apparently can’t get people to the airport on time even when it’s their core business.

In the mean time, here’s the view from our hotel window on the 21st floor.

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