Our Adoption part 3

Ok, I promise to resume normal video game development blogs soon, but not until we’ve completed this adoption next week.

So whats been happening? Well, lets see. We went to the Zoo, saw some Panda’s –

which was cute.

We went out for dinner with our group and got served things with suckers and faces (on the plate) which didn’t do a lot for my digestion.

We got the crap scared out of us at 12:30 last night when the hotel was hit by lightening – I thought a bomb had gone off it was so loud. Cameron didn’t sleep for 20 mins after that exciting episode.

We went to old Chongqing yesterday which was pretty cool – a bit of a tourist trap but a pretty awesome time.

So I should talk a little bit about the other couples we are travelling with – Wendy and John Norris who are firefighters from Houston. Awesome people – the first religious people I’ve met that don’t attempt to push their beliefs down your throat. It’s nice to meet people like this; it restores my faith in humanity that it’s not just about Me Me Me. Just all round good people.

Then there’s Cody and Robyn Coden. Cody runs a summer camp and Robyn shops for a living (well actually she runs a marketing company but the way she power shops here you’d think she was professional) – she and Cathy are soul mates in that regard. Cody and I both agree our credit cards will never be the same again. But again, awesome people.

It’s very cool to be here with people we get on with as we do with these guys.

The girls – Wendy, Robyn and Cathy.

Wendy and Robyn have gone out of their way to include Mila and be girlfriends – Robyn in particular. Although I don’t think Mila has repaid her very nicely – last night she left a rubber snake in Robyns bed in their room. I’m sure we’ll hear about that today. :)

The guys – Cody, John and Me.

Last day in Chongqing today – we get the kids passports and are off back to Guanghzhou to finish up the immigration aspect of our adoption. I can’t wait for that cramped flight in a Chongqing Airlines plane. Last time we got the end row which doesn’t recline, and these planes have far less space between the chairs than most flights do. What a delight this is going to be. Ah well, once done it IS done.

Chongqing at night. All lit up like Times Square.

By the way, for those following PoppyGate, Cameron has a poopy diaper this morning. I’m sure you- like Cameron -, are relieved. I know Cathy is – she’s never been so pleased to see a poppy diaper.

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