Our Adoption part 5

Yeah, I know. Not video games related. I will have something tomorrow though – I’ve discovered that Guangzhou has a Video Game Wholesaler and I’m going to take a look. I’m expecting lots of accessories and lots of ripoffs – we shall see what we shall see.

In the mean time we’ve been busy – we’ve been on a river cruise, we’ve been to Knock Off Central to see copies (and not really very good copies) of prada bags, rolxes and all that. We’ve been to the Jade Market, done some clothing shopping and this morning we went to the toy wholesaler where I picked up some pretty awesome binoculars and also some LED badges, which are pure awesomeness.

We’ve also been hanging out with my brother and one of his friends, Wilson (who’s been mega helpful, and who has a china doll for a wife and the cutest little boy apart from Cameron).

Tomorrow it’s the first consulate appointment to present our petition to bring Cameron into the states as a new citizen.

So some pics.

Just off the plane from Chongqing.

At dinner – Cameron with one of his harem, the beautiful Catherine. Frankie is the other chick competing for his attention – what a place to be in eh?

Wilson, Myself and my brother Cris who’s here in China on business.

My brother Cris with Amelia – she looks a touch chubby in that pic but that’s just the way she is pushing herself against him.

Cris with Cameron – first relative to meet him!

One for my sister – yes, we are starting Cameron as he intends to go on, with crap diet :) . He does LOVE the fries. But then so does Cathy and Amelia, so he’s got his work cut out ripping them off.

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