Planes Trains and Automobiles

I’ve been terribly remiss with my blog posting of late. Apologies for that – the move to LA, new job and finding / setting up of an apartment has been taking up a lot of my time.

Anyway, so the practical upshot of the new job is that I spend a lot of my weekend time now traveling between AZ and LA – can’t sell the AZ house because I would lose my shirt and besides, while I love being in LA there are downsides that would drive me crazy if that was it for living – the traffic alone is enough to drive someone to an AK47. There are just Too Many People in LA.

So this weekend I was supposed to be going home – I’d booked a flight online with Expedia and was looking forward to going home since Mila and I have a Father / Daughter thing on Sunday that I’ve been looking forward to for weeks.

I get to the airport and then find that Expedia has ‘lost’ my reservation. The first I hear about it is when US Airways has no record of me. I get on the phone to Expedia but they find no record of it. I have a record of the payment but that’s of no use right there and then when I need to get on a plane right then.
So we explore other ways to get me home. I can get home (with a 4 hour detour to Vegas) but they can’t get me back again on Sunday or Monday. Well bugger.

Guess I’ll be driving again. I did that last weekend and I hate it – 14 hours in a car back and forth – but still, it’s that or no Daddy / Daughter time on Sunday, and what price is that? Into the car I go.

Driving home, I stop for gas in the middle of no where. Expensive gas but hey, necessary. However after filling up I get back in the car but it won’t go into gear. The selector just won’t get out of Park. Fucking great.

Eventually after the wife looking on line we find that this is a common thing with Chrylser 300s and it requires a mechanic to fix it. OK then, call AAA and get a tow truck out here.

2 hours later – at midnight, one arrives. He can’t get the car out of park either so up on the flatbed it goes, and off we go to a town called Blythe, which is right on the border of CA and AZ. We drop the car off at the Chrylser dealership (where there is also the town car rental place) and I get dropped off at a Super 8 motel to finally get some sleep. It’s 2am now.

Next morning I wake, and off I wander to talk to the service department of the dealership. Only I can’t cos it’s shut. Unlike every other Chrysler dealership I’ve dealt with, this is shut on the weekend. And so is the car rental place – the only one in town it turns out.
Even better.

So I call the wife, who sighs, says “Ok, I’ll come get you”. The 15 minutes later I get a phone call saying “The battery on the van is dead. Can’t start it.”

W. T. F???

Someone somewhere really doesn’t want me to go home this weekend. Now I’m sitting at the starbucks in Blythe wondering if the wife will get a jump and come find me or if I am destined to walk home doing good works for families along the way, like Caine in Kung Fu.

While I was waiting for the tow truck to arrive at the gas station in the middle of no where I was approached by an obviously down on her luck woman who had run out of gas, her card wasn’t working and she had no means of putting gas in her beat up car. I was a bit rude being a bit pissed off with my situation. 15 mins later I’m looking at her sitting in her car just looking forlorn and worried and I’m like “Shit, I shouldn’t have been so rude”, so I go over and give her my last $5. She was very grateful, immediately put gas in her car and drove off.

After she drove off I sat there thinking “What kind of idiot are you? You were just taken I’ll bet.” Even if I wasn’t, all that Karma crap is just that. Nothing good has happened to me, the news on this car bullshit thing just keeps getting worse. But even then, you know what? If I was in the same situation I’d probably end up doing the same thing. How sad and stupid is that? I’m just way too much of an easy touch I think. The trouble is I have great empathy with the “There but for the grace of god go I” line of thinking. We’ve all been in shitty situations and sometimes it’s literally just $5 from a stranger with nothing to gain that makes or breaks the situation.

The only thing missing from this saga is, in fact, a train. I bet I get hit by one on the way home.

Watch this space. I’ll try and do better with the blog updating in the future.

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