Receipt Center

You know what I’d like? I’d like an online way to get all those receipts you get when you purchase something.

Some sort of way where I can, when I purchase an item, tell the vendor “please forward the receipt to this email address” and have some online facility where I can just go, put in my email address and find a jpg of all my receipts, so if I need to return something I can just print it out.

Sure, I can get my physical receipts, scan them in then put them online or whatever, but who has the time for that? And carrying all this stuff around just sucks – my wife is constantly rummaging through her handbag that has, on rough count, a couple of trees in it.

Some stores do cool stuff like all you need is the credit card you paid for something with in order for them to find the transaction (Target does this, and so does Circuit City) but a) most don’t and b) if you don’t pay by credit card you are out of luck.

Now realistically a) has the same problem with what I’m proposing; this is extra work for vendors, whether it’s putting in place a credit card tracking system or whether it’s putting some code in there that takes that which generates a receipt and spits it out to an online system. Either way its work for them and they need to be persuaded it’s a good idea.

But wouldn’t it be nice to just ignore all those receipts and yet still have them at your finger tips for when you want to return something, or for Tax Time?

Just a thought.

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