About Jake Simpson

This is JakeWorld, Jake Simpsons little bit of the web.

At some point, I’ll be re-uploading the Articles, C tutorials and old .plan files, but probably leaving the rants and the girls stuff alone for now. Gotta at least look like I’m grown up!

Jake himself is an old school Games Developer who is British (definitely), yet has resided in the US of A for the past 20+ years. Currently he resides in Arizona, where he is pleased to report he does not plan to die of a heart attack at age 46, from shoveling snow at 6am in the morning, as was going to be the plan when he lived in Chicago.

He’s an indie / freelance contractor (right now) working on mobile games for IOS and Android but he’s worked on some pretty large named games in the past – Arcade games like Revolution X, Wrestlemania, NBA Jam, Mortal Kombat 3, NFL Blitz (during Midways so called ‘Golden Age’) – FPS games for Raven software, like Heretic II (ok ok, that’s a 3rd person), Soldier of Fortune I & II, Star Trek : Elite Force and Jedi Knight II. From there he went to EA and was part of the root team behind Sims 2. And then there was 2 years working on Second Life, 3 years working in the movie industry on Mo-Capped movies in Hollywood – it’s been a diverse and interesting life, with experience in many different area’s.

Along the way he’s written two books (and working on a 3rd), generated a TON of published articles (most of which will be / have been reproduced on this website), been the creator / editor-in-chief of a magazine (Gamesauce!) and released an IOS game from his company, TNB Games. And there is more to come.

Jake is a fan of – in no particular order – Stella Artois, Jamesons Whiskey, Dogs, Daleks, Ships named ‘Enterprise’ (and the crews who inhabit them), computers, video games, movies, Women of a certain age named Cathy and Amelia, Cameron Simpson, writing novels, house repair and spending too much on electronic gadgets.

Jake lives in a house with a pool and palm trees, with his wife and two children (both adopted from China) and dog, Max, and can’t quite believe his luck. It’s a Long Long way from rainy Herne Bay, where he was brought up.

4 Responses to About Jake Simpson

  1. Cyril says:

    No mention of the bald head and large nose ?

  2. Adam says:

    Any interest in joining a discussion about an old Midway project you possibly worked on?

  3. nevena ivanova says:

    Dear Jake
    Since I could not find your email address, I am contacting you here. I am a researcher of game engines. Would it be possible to schedule a skype interview regarding their design and use?
    Thank you,

    • I’m wondering what your opinion of the new languages that are meant to replace C and C++. Swift looks particularly good to me as it does not need garbage collection but uses ARC. There is also Go, D and Rust. Do you see any good reason to keep using C++ to make games when you have a language like Swift that you dont have to worry about pointer errors and out of bounds arrays? Im curious, what game engine you use to make iOS games?

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