The Mynd Novels

Jake Simpson has written two stories in the Mynd Series todate -

Myndware Cover, available at Amazon for your Kindle!  and Cover for Myndset, Available at Amazon for your kindle!

(Click on either image to get the Amazon page where these are for sale).

Both stories are cyberpunky, near future, with all the attendant technology that goes with that era. They revolve around Declan Sparks, a Martian colonist who fled to Earth to escape the indentured servitude of the corporations there, and how he discovers he possess a rare and novel ability – the ability to telepathically re-write software, as it is running.

The ultimate aim is to have 6 stories in total – 3 full 120k word novels and 3 shorter 40k stories. The idea is to release one full novel, one short story, one full novel, etc etc.

So far I’m about 50k of the way through story #3 (or Novel #2 if you like) – I’m projecting a 2013 release for that.

Currently both are only available for the Kindle, however at the time of release of story #3 (currently named MyndSet), the other two will be made available on the Nook and via Apple iBooks.

Watch this space!

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