The Quote Machine

You may have noticed that I have quotes appearing in the header of my site (or may not, if you are reading this via RSS).

I spent a bit of time and built a Quote Machine using PHP and MySQL and now I’m gonna release the source code to the great unwashed.

You find project details and the download link here.

From the documentation in the .txt file –

What it is -

The Quote Machine is a MySQL based php app (MySQL 5, although it should run on 4 – PHP 4.4 onwards) that allows users to add quotes, with additional fields for search tags, who made the quote, who posted it and a description of the circumstances.

These quotes are searchable based on author (Give me all the quotes – or one random quote – made by person X), who posted them (Give me all the quotes – or one random quote – posted by person Y) or by key word in all fields.

Quotes are obtainable (or added) by either including one of the PHP files in your own project OR by calling the system via the web (ie CURLing to the web page) and getting results that way (See How To Use in the documentation.txt in the zip file for details).
This enables the system to be used by non PHP systems and other systems (like IRC bots) easily – they can either just generate a link or directly call the system.

Quotes can be edited and deleted by those with admin priviliges, and there is a feature that will auto generate a table in an existing schema for the system to use.

The basic idea for usage is to have it on a corporate intranet website where any and all employees can add quotes based on statements made by co-workers, and then random selections of these quotes can be used on Intranet Home pages, dash boards and so on.

Really it’s all about just having a bit of fun. It’s easy to use, self contained and ready for deployment.

Simple Setup -

Download the zip file here and extract the files

Copy files to location on your website.

Navigate to CreateSchema.php

Fill in the host data you will use, and decide what table name you will use. Also, choose an admin password for the system (the Quote Machine, not the DB). From here on in, this will be your admin password to edit or delete entries in the Quote Machine.

Press Submit. The system has now created you a table in the schema of your choice, and has generated an internal config file of that information.

The Quote Machine is now ready to add quotes into – simply advertise the url of where QuoteMachine.php is located (by links or whatever) and it’s ready for use.

To include random quotes from this system in your own web pages either include QuoteCommon.php in your code and call GetFormattedRandomPost(), or for Curling look at the “See How To Use” in the documentation.txt in the zip file for details.

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