The Writers Tarot Card Deck

A good friend of mine, BJ West, put this together. It’s a very clever idea, basically replacing all the cards in the Tarot Deck with cards with either plot idea’s or character attributes on them. The idea being that you cast them very much as you would a Tarot Reading (there are examples in the pack) and come up with plots, plot devices and character attributes with which to build a story.

It’s quite fun just for brainstorming and being silly to see if you could construct a story out of what comes up.

Whats even more fun is working out how to set that story in different situations – ok, you’ve got a the rudiments of a plot and rudimentary characters, now set that in a sci-fi story. Or a comedy set in WWII. Or a drama set in Egyptian Times. The possibilities are endless.

It’s available now at and is a great addition to any writers arsenal.

Now I just keep telling BJ he needs a software version of this, where people can create their own cards to inject into the deck.

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