Three things

1stly, Man, working out is hard. I just bought some of those cast iron free weights and boy, do my shoulders ache now. I’ve been doing a little something since Christmas and I’m definitely feeling the difference in the body but when you go and seriously try and work out, man, it hurts.
But I did go sort out my bike and take a ride on it the other day since I’m 240 and can’t run (I’ll blow out my knees) and walking the dog – which I do every day – isn’t cutting it as a weight reducer. So off on the bike it is – low impact high intensity stuff. Awesome.

2ndly, man, is Scrubs Season 8 good or what? I just plowed through 8 episodes of it and it definitely looks like a return to form from the first few seasons. They are genuinely funny and genuinely moving all in the same sentence – something I haven’t seen done like that since Only Fool and Horses in it’s Hey Day.

3rdly, Man I miss my iphone. So many occasions where it would have been so useful to have around and it’s just Not There. Ah well. Maybe once I’m employed again.

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